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About Egg Packs

Why Egg Packs ?

People want to see what they buy !

Read the key statements of an consumer survey among a group of female grocery shoppers (age between 25 and 50) on their perceptions of clear egg cartons:

1. Since consumers don’t have to open the carton, buying eggs becomes quicker and more convenient.

2. Because the egg carton is clear, Consumers can see all sides of the egg without opening the carton in the store to inspect and touch the eggs.

3. Consumers don’t have to open the carton in the refrigerator at home to see how many eggs are left.

4. Consumers can trust a product that they can see: it’s a product with integrity

2-Egg Pack
4 Egg Pack
6 Egg Pack Round
6 Egg Pack
12 Egg Pack
12 Egg Pack
12 Egg Pack